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I Think My Tube is Twisted – Again

I went to the hospital today to get an x-ray because I think my tube is twisted (again). No big deal, went to radiology, checked in, changed into my wonderful voluminous gown and bathrobe, waited for 15 minutes, had the x-ray. I always ask them  if I can see the x-ray and the look askance at me, but let me see it anyway. I can usually tell if it’s in the wrong place, and it seemed like it was, but then it occurred to me that I don’t have the best memory and don’t have anything to compare it with.

So I asked a few people in radiology and was directed to Image Archives, which of course is the the Shapiro building which is about a mile away (actually I think it’s got to be at least a quarter mile) through the whole main building, over the bridge, into another building, up a few floors… you get the idea. I feel like I need a sherpa to get over there. I found the department and asked the woman behind the window about my records. She said it would take about 20 minutes and then pulled up my records, paused, and said “how far back do you want to go?”“Um… can I have everything?” Blank look. “You have a lot… it would take a day or two.” “Can you mail it to me?” Relieved look. “Sure!” I filled out the request form. “What file type will it come in, are they JPEGS?” Really blank look. “It will just open if you put the cd in your computer….” So I’m waiting to receive my records in the mail and then I’m going to try to make some kind of comparison chart. Also learn to read x-rays. We’ll see how it goes!

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