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Join Me in Advocating for Chronic Pain Patients

I’m meeting with my state senator in a couple of weeks to discuss the challenges pain patients are facing due to recent CDC guidelines and public pressure in response to the “Opioid Epidemic.” Many of us are suffering from discrimination and are either unable to obtain the medication we need or are worried that we’ll lose them. We’re treated like addicts and criminals, shamed and forced to take drug tests, jump through hoops or repeatedly prove our pain. I’ve had pharmacists refuse to fill my prescription and doctors refuse to prescribe the medication I’ve been on for a couple years now because they’re afraid of legal repercussions and won’t prescribe opioids to non-cancer patients.

I use pain medication responsibly as part of my pain management, along with other methods. My pain medication gives me a small increase in quality of life and I am so grateful for it. I will not stand by and let something I need so desperately be taken away.

Please help me by sharing your story at so I can have testimonials to refer to when I talk to my senator, in order to show that this affects so many of us! If you live in Massachusetts that helps, but my goal is to make this into a national movement. I don’t know if that will be possible, but I have to try. I’m also talking with my congressman.

Tell me how your pain medication helps you, what condition you’re taking it for, what your pain is like. Tell me if you’ve experienced discrimination or stigma, refusal to fill or write your prescription, anything I can point to as evidence of this problem.

Please share! Thank you!

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