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Liquid Hope Part 3 – Received Insurance Approval!!!

Continued from Liquid Hope Part 2 – Trying to get Insurance Approval

Unbelievably, I’ve gotten insurance approval! Wait until you hear this story.

It seems incredible that I could have submitted all the paperwork at the end of July 2015 and I didn’t get insurance approval or a company willing to supply the Liquid Hope. Every now and then I got a call from Functional Formularies or from a random DME company somewhere in the country saying that we’ve got a lead, or we definitely found a company that will work out, and then after hearing nothing for a month I hear that it’s fallen through. I called more than 20 companies on my own. It didn’t seem like there are any DMEs in Massachusetts that will supply Liquid Hope. To say the least, it’s been really frustrating.

I had pretty much given up hope that this would ever happen, but the key turned out to be annoying Blue Cross to the point that they assigned me a case worker (I’ll call her L). And she apparently kicked some ass, because within a month she’d accomplished what Functional Formularies’ “free service” insurance team couldn’t in almost a year. L really deserves a lot of credit, because she had to talk to me several times when I was practically in tears. When I asked her to communicate with me via email, she agreed, which is huge because anyone who’s dealt with the medical system knows they are incredibly technophobic.

L found a company in western Mass that doesn’t service my area but – get this – agreed to take me on because they knew I didn’t have anyone to help me in my area. They agreed to help me because they were the only ones that could. They have to FedEx me supplies! I couldn’t believe someone just wanted to help me out, I don’t think that’s ever happened to me.

Continued in Liquid Hope Part 4 – Logistical Problems

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