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Liquid Hope Part 4 – Logistical Problems

My first delivery of Liquid Hope from Bay State Home Infusion is on June 10th. So I call Home Solutions to confirm my last delivery of a month’s supply on June 9th, as I had confirmed with them a few weeks ago.

Side note – I got a letter from Home Solutions last week saying that they didn’t renew their Medicare contract so they’re dumping all their Medicare patients starting July 1. The letter said they’d help patients transition to new home care companies, but that’s really not much notice. I was really surprised. I had a serious Thank You Lord moment, though, because I already had a new company set up! Finally, something goes right.

Anyway, Home Solutions refused to send me my last delivery! I have no idea why. The only reason they gave me was that I was going to a new company so they couldn’t give me any product past June 10th (?). Even though they had told me they would. And why, my husband reasoned, because imagine that I had never mentioned to Home Solutions that I was going to another company and I called asking for my next delivery. They would just send it to me, and then if I called the next day to tell them I was going elsewhere, what’s the difference? Until June 10th, I’m still their client, SO GIVE ME WHAT I’M PAYING YOU FOR (or my insurance is paying, but anyway). I asked them to send my prescription to Bay State so they could fill my Isosource, hopefully, so I could have both, but they said they wouldn’t do that, either. Awesome.

So, panic time. I only have 3 days to straighten this out. I called Bay State and their dietician was bewildered. She didn’t understand why they were acting like that and recommended I call my insurance.

An hour of phone time later…and no resolution, even though the Blue Cross person was trying their best. She said she’d get back to me and recommended that I get my doctor to send a prescription and letter explaining why I needed both formulas to Bay State. So I emailed my doctor explaining the situation and asking for the paperwork.

Then I get a call from my doctor, who’s either pissed at me or having a bad day, and she tells me she’ll do it, but she doesn’t feel comfortable dealing with my tube feeding stuff so in the future I should go through my GI specialist, and by the way I shouldn’t use PatientSite (their email system) in an emergency. I don’t even know what to say, I try to explain that I was also going to call, and that usually I only email PatientSite for things that can wait. I usually email and call if it’s important. Calling sucks though, because I always have to spend a lot of time on hold and then have to dictate a message to someone who clearly doesn’t understand what I’m talking about. I also tried to explain that every specialist I’ve seen pawns off prescription writing to primary care; some of them flat out refuse to write scripts or do any kind of paperwork. Anyway, by the time I get off the phone I’m so bewildered and frustrated I can barely breathe. At this point I’ve been on the phone with medical people for over three hours.

I’m pretty sure my primary care is trying to distance herself from me and pawn me off on other people. Last time I saw her she suggested we add a nurse practitioner to my care team so I could have another person to help me when Dr. P isn’t available. I was skeptical, but it made sense, so I acquiesced and I’m seeing the NP in July. Dr. P also mentioned wanting Dr. K (GI doc) to be in charge of GI stuff. I get it, but really, Dr. K was pretty clear that he works with other doctors and they take care of prescriptions and day to day stuff. So, between that and now this phone call, I feel like she’s decided she’s had enough. So that’s another thing to add to the “What the hell am I going to do about this” list. Panic attack inducing.

Continued in Liquid Hope Part 5 – Stress, Stress and More Stress

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