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Meeting with Senator Warren’s Rep on Pain Patients’ Rights

I  admire Senator Elizabeth Warren for many reasons, and when I decided I should talk to her about how the opioid issue I was hoping I’d get to meet with her personally, but I knew it was a long shot. I was excited to be able to meet with anyone at her office at all, and Ashley, her state policy coordinator, was exactly the right person to see. She was well-informed about the issue and we had a good conversation. I think Senator Warren’s office at least is aware that the chronic pain population is being negatively affected by the government’s reaction to the “opioid epidemic.” Whether that translates to help for us, we’ll see.

By the way, going to her office in the JFK building was really intimidating. It’s a giant federal building and her office is on the 30-somethingth floor. The security was crazy, too. I kept feeling like there was some sort of mistake that they let me in, because I’m a total nobody!

Each advocacy-related meeting I have with an elected official gives me more confidence and more ideas on how I can advocate for myself and others. This one was particularly special to because of how I feel about Senator Warren’s work. Hopefully some day I’ll be able to meet her in person, maybe even in Washington! We’ll see where this takes me.

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