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My New AMT G-Jet Feeding Tube

My AMT G-Jet hooked up to my Zevex Infinity pump

I got a new type of tube!

It’s kind of sad that I’m so excited about that, but it could make a difference to my health, and plus – pretty purple extensions! The whole thing looks really cool actually, and it GLOWS IN THE DARK. It’s called the AMT G-Jet.

For the last two years I’ve had a Low Profile Mic-Key G-J and I’ve had nothing but problems. I don’t know if it’s because of the Mic-Key’s design or if that’s just how GJ tubes are, it’ll take a few months with the AMT to be able to make that conclusion. Last year when the tube kept migrating, I requested the AMT tube to see if it would help, but every time I went to get it changed there was some reason why Interventional Radiology hadn’t gotten it in – first we were waiting for AMT to make one in my size (18 French), then they had trouble ordering it – I called ahead of time every time, yet every time I showed up for the change it wasn’t there. Obviously the jury’s out on my new AMT tube, if it will make any difference, but I’m hopeful.

The differences are –

  • the AMT is much more low profile and has several points of contact so that it doesn’t move around as much. It haskind of a flat arm that gives you something to grab onto when you’re opening the ports and hooking up the extensions, as well as bracing it against your abdomen. It’s really a lot smaller. The Mic-Key design is a fairly heavy oblong port on top of the much thinner tubing that protrudes from the stoma (picture a lollipop), so it’s prone to wobbling and catching on things.
  • The AMT’s balloon is “shaped like an apple” so it has more surface area against your abdominal wall, which is supposed to keep it more secure – less moving around, tighter fit, no leaks
  • The AMT has separately capped G and J ports, so you can open the J without opening the G – with the Mic-Key if you want to open the J you also have to open the G, and then somehow plug the G. Also, when you open the Mic-Key, the port cover sticks up and just kind of hangs there, but the AMT port cover lies flat.

  • The AMT’s G and J extensions will only fit their respective ports so there’s no way to accidentally feed to your stomach
  • The AMT has an anti-kink spring on the internal tube.
  • Purple! GJ Tube, now with fashion accessories!

    The whole external part (“bolster”) is flexible, so it’s easier to clean around. The Mic-Key is hard.

  • Another improvement is the tube extensions. The AMT extensions are thicker, more flexible, and the med port has a really tight fitting plug. The Mic-Key extension’s med port tended to come undone easily – I had to tape it shut every night.

I think it’s a genius design and I’m really impressed so far. Also, from the two companies’ websites and available products, it seems to me that AMT is really on the forefront of the technology. They have several different low profile G tubes, the GJ is fairly new.

I’m really hoping that the design will keep it from migrating and  help reduce granulation tissue and pain. I’ll keep you updated!


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