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New Clinical Trial for Gastroparesis Med

Today I came across some information on a new drug called Relamorin from a company called Rhythm Pharmaceuticals that’s on Stage 2 clinical trials for diabetic gastroparesis. I’ve set up alerts via Google so that every week I get any pertinent information on subjects I’ve chosen (gastroparesis, endometriosis, bipolar) in an email. I did some research and found a contact in a press release. I called and left a message saying I had questions on the drug and might want to enroll in the trial. I got a call back in five minutes. I explained that I don’t have diabetes and he said that would disclude me from the study. I asked if they might want my information for when the drug moves into idiopathic gastroparesis trials as he said it should in a year and a half and he said no, but when I explained my situation (feeding tube, tried multiple medications, etc) and told him I would like to help, I could answer questions, anything, he got excited and told me that would be really helpful. I am looking forward to hearing from them.

This is the press release:

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